Clinical advice

The Clinical Senate was commissioned by Corby CCG, a constituent member of the Northamptonshire STP, to review Corby’s New Primary Care Clinical Model. Corby Urgent Care Centre opened in 2012. It consolidated several services providing urgent care solutions into one place and was commissioned on the premise that it would reduce the overall spend on urgent care in Corby. Analysis of the UCC activity by the sponsoring organisation stated that 88% of activity are presentations which should be routinely dealt with in primary care. Corby CCG concluded that it is financially unsustainable and it is not resolving the growth in demand challenge that the system faces. Two clinically viable and financially affordable service models were proposed by the CCG. The Clinical Senate was asked to consider the clinical viability of the two options presented. The Clinical Senate has agreement from the sponsoring organisation to publish the report (below), which details the clinical review team’s findings and advice.

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