Clinical advice

Our clinical advice has included:

1. Lincolnshire Adult Vascular Surgery review (2014)
The East Midlands Clinical Senate review of the Lincolnshire Adult Vascular Surgery Service was commissioned by the NHS England Lincolnshire and Leicestershire area team. The Clinical Senate review panel was convened to provide an independent clinical review of the options proposed by the East Midlands Cardiovascular Clinical Network.This report highlights the need for collaboration between the Clinical Network, commissioners and providers to consider options for the future delivery of a safe and sustainable service for the population of Lincolnshire.
pdfLincolnshire Adult Vascular Surgery Review

2. Hertfordshire and Essex Vascular review (2014)
The East Midlands Clinical Senate was approached by the East of England specialised services team to provide independent clinical advice on the proposed options developed for the reconfiguration of specialised vascular services in Hertfordshire and Essex.
pdfHertfordshire & Essex Vascular Services Reconfiguration Review

3. Dermatology Stakeholders Event (2015)
The East Midlands Clinical Senate facilitated a stakeholder event to identify a shared solution for dermatology services.
pdfdermatology post event pack

4. Upper Gastro-Intestinal Cancer services in the East Midlands (2016)
Requested by Specialised Commissioning, this was a strategic review of Upper GI Cancer across the region to advise on the most clinically appropriate way to configure services for the future which will provide the best overall care and outcomes for patients in the East Midlands.

5. Resetting Health Care in Corby (2017)
The East Midlands Clinical Senate was commissioned to review the options proposed by Corby CCG. Corby CCG proposed an alternative care model to their current Urgent Care Centre and by improving Primary Care access – by extending the hours of Primary Care and enhancing services operating from local hubs.

6. Re-setting Intermediate Care Services in Northamptonshire (2018)
The Clinical Senate was commissioned by Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust on behalf of the Northamptonshire Health and Care Partnership. The development and implementation of the project is overseen by a multi-agency Project Group, which includes representatives from all partner organisations. The Clinical Senate was commissioned to provide a strategic sense check of Northamptonshire’s emerging new pathway and model for intermediate care services (services provided to frail people; generally older people). Intermediate Care is a service that prevents unnecessary healthcare admissions, seeks to support people to recover quickly after having spent time in hospital and reduces the need for intermediate care admissions prior to returning home.