Work programmes

We carry out work under three broad headings:

1. Proactive work

Pro-active work is agreed by our Senate Council and features in our annual work programme.
  • Meeting the prevention challenge in the East Midlands
  • 7 day services baseline report
  • Commissioning services for an ageing population and those living with frailty
  • Physical activity and exercise medicine
  • Supporting clinical commissioning groups to undertake a review of sustainable services
  • Review of clinical commissioning groups five year plans

2. Clinical advice

Independent clinical advice is work that the Clinical Senate is commissioned to undertake, primarily by STPs &/or their constituent members (i.e. commissioners, providers), and NHS England Specialised Commissioning. The outputs, reports and recommendations from the Clinical Senates are the property of the sponsoring organisations. Public domain access to the Clinical Senate review reports is made only on the express permission of the sponsoring organisation.
  • Lincolnshire adult vascular surgery review
  • Nottingham dermatology stakeholder events
  • Hertfordshire and Essex vascular review
  • Upper Gastro-Intestinal Cancer services in the East Midlands
  • Resetting Health Care in Corby

3. Clinical reviews of major change programmes

  • North Derbyshire transformation programme
  • Lincolnshire health and care programme
  • Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Better Care Together programme