Parity of Esteem Steering Group

In February 2016 the East Midlands Mental Health Clinical Network launched the Parity of Esteem Steering Group, comprised of clinicians, commissioners, quality improvement managers and providers from CCGs, public health, local authorities, mental health trusts and primary care and representing all the localities in the East Midlands.

The group acknowledges the need to continually grow and develop and recognises the importance of fostering the engagement of non-mental health providers and commissioners in the parity of esteem agenda. This, in turn, will support the development of properly integrated mental and physical health care provision that will help to eliminate stigma and ensure the development of integrated services providing holistic care.

The steering group meets every two months and all the shared learning will be available on line via the Clinical Networks website. Every area has examples of working to meet the challenges we face and whether successful or not the experiences are valid lessons. Some really exciting, pioneering work is happening and as it comes to fruition it will add to the body of evidence.

Shared Learning Events so far include excellent presentations on the following:

April 2016 Nottinghamshire

Physform is an annual physical health summary that is recorded by GPs for patients with serious mental illness, generating an action plan in collaboration with the mental health trust in order to agree health priorities for the patient. A two year project.
pdfBackground and Rationale for Nottingham Physform     pdfThe Development of Physform

June 2016 Lincolnshire

IT Portal for Integrated Care

Development of a care portal that will link all clinical systems across Lincolnshire as part of the Lincolnshire Health and Care programme. pdfCare Portal Parity of Esteem

Re-procurement of smoking cessation services pdfMoving Towards Smoke Free LPT

Commissioning specification provides for specific priority services that focus on people with SMI, which includes giving tobacco control and stop smoking advice to all providers of mental health services

August 2016 Derbyshire

Bite sized Clinical Ward Teaching pdfBite sized Clinical Ward Teaching

Satisfying the appetite for ward based knowledge of physical health problems. Innovative work on brief tutorials on physical health problems to nursing and healthcare assistants delivered in 10 minute sessions on the ward.

The Erewash Mental Health Innovation Project pdfErewash Mental Health Project

The shared learning from year 1 of the project. Developed to improve access into voluntary sector support for people with mental health conditions through enhancements to v-SPA (Voluntary sector Single Point of Access). It has also utilised the council for voluntary service to support mainstream groups in becoming mental health friendly through champions, buddies and befrienders.

October 2016 Northamptonshire

The Nene CCG Primary Care Quality Contract

For the first time the primary care quality contract has a specific mental health element to it which incentivises primary care in a number of areas related to mental health and wellbeing

Suicide Awareness and Mitigation Training

A programme of training which is being rolled out across primary care that sits alongside the Suicide Assessment E-Tool Triage version. This is an evidence based assessment framework that helps to apply research evidence to clinical practice and guides clinicians through a 10 minute triage assessment process to determine the appropriate response to an individual who is experiencing symptoms of depression or are at risk of suicide.