What is the programme and its aims?
The Cardiovascular Clinical Network has re-established a Cardiac Clinical Advisory Group (CAG) during 2016/17, chaired by Dr Damian Kelly. The CAG has been established to improve and reduce unwarranted variation in the quality, safety, consistency, access to and outcomes from cardiac services and care resulting in improved outcomes for all cardiac patients throughout the East Midlands. The CAG is developing a work programme to focus on the clinical priorities that will contribute to this aim.

The Cardiovascular Clinical Network has collaborated with NHS England’s Specialised Commissioning team to commission a stocktake of cardiac service provision in the region. The stocktake will be undertaken by Public Health England.

The stocktake reviews current provision and aims to inform the development of services for patients of the East Midlands in recognition of the ongoing national resource challenge.

Why is the programme required?
Recent service hotspots have been identified which fall within the remit of specialised services and clinical commissioning group commissioned services. The Cardiovascular Network spoke to all cardiac heads of services from provider trusts to understand their priorities and their feedback and concerns informed the questions that the stocktake asked of all providers in the East Midlands.

Who are the partners?

  • Acute provider trusts
  • NHS England Specialised Commissioning
  • Clinical commissioning groups
  • Public Health England

How are we making a difference?
By identifying the unwarranted variation in service provision and making recommendations for a high quality safe cardiac service across East Midlands.

What’s next?
In collaboration with Public Health England and Specialised Commissioners, a report outlining current service provision and highlighting any unwarranted variation and gaps in provision, including recommendations to address the unwarranted variation in service will be produced.

What are the key resources?

NHS England Specialised Commissioning service specifications for

  • Cardiac magnetic resonance
  • Electrophysiology
  • Implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICD) and cardiac resynchronisation therapy (CRT)
  • East Midlands Cardio Vascular Network, 2013 : Safety, Sustainability and Accessibility Review
  • National Institute of Cardiovascular Outcomes Research (NICOR) data for 2013/14 Myocardial Ischaemia National Audit Project (MINAP) 2013/14
Who to contact for further information?
For further information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..