Welcome to the pages for the East Midlands Cardiovascular Disease Clinical Network.

Cardiovascular disease is the second largest cause of death and disability in England. Much has been achieved over the last decade in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, however, there is still more to be done not only to improve mortality rates but also to improve the quality of life for those living with disease.

The East Midlands Cardiovascular Disease Clinical Network brings together a wide range of stakeholders to work across geographical and organisational boundaries to support equity of access to high quality, evidenced based care.

The work programmes of the network are based on the pdfCardiovascular Outcomes Strategy which brings together a family of diseases which includes cardiac, stroke, vascular, renal and diabetes and has these overarching aims:

  • prevention of ill-health by earlier identification and management of risk factors
  • ensuring earlier referral and diagnosis of cardiovascular disease
  • optimised care and enhanced quality of life for people living with cardiovascular disease
  • improved recovery from ill-health through standardised models of care

Our network's aim is to reduce preventable and premature mortality from cardiovascular disease. Approximately 20,000 lives could be saved per annum in England if mortality rates were reduced to the levels of the best in Europe. By diagnosing conditions early and treating before conditions worsen, lives can be saved.

Work programmes
Our current work programmes are:

You can see how we have improved patient outcomes on our achievements page.

Our clinical directors are Dr Simon Roe