April 2016 newsletter

Cancer alliances
The national cancer strategy, Achieving World-Class Cancer Outcomes - A Strategy for England, 2015-2020, outlined plans for the development of cancer alliances. These will be new structures incorporating commissioners, providers and patients brought together to influence the commissioning of high quality, effective and holistic cancer services.

The key functions of a cancer alliance will be to:
  • Plan cancer services for their population
  • Design care pathways, particularly those requiring care delivered across different provider organisations
  • Provide improvement support
  • Undertake outcome measurement (through the Clinical Commissioning Group Assessment Framework and integrated cancer dashboard)
  • Engage with the public on cancer service changes
The Clinical Network is currently working with the national cancer team on the role of a local cancer alliance in delivering the national cancer implementation plan. Following this initial phase, we will be seeking input from local stakeholders to develop a model that will best serve the needs of our regional population. Critical to its success will be an ability to build on existing collaboration and clinical leadership that already exists across the region, as well as alignment with existing and emerging health and care structures to drive local innovation and improvement.


Lung cancer emergency presentation workshop and audit
The Lung Expert Clinical Advisory Group audit of emergency presentations was unveiled at a recent workshop. Attendees heard how the audit involved both hospital providers and GPs working collaboratively, conducting significant event audit forms on those cancer cases that presented as an emergency, in order to understand the reasons for emergency rather than planned presentations; capturing any potential learning and opportunities for service improvements.

Information from the audit and the workshop was highlighted at the recent Leicester RCGP faculty cancer update day, to support further learning.

A post workshop event pack report will be available shortly to summarise findings and the next steps.

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