April 2016 newsletter

Welcome to the Cancer Clinical Network’s spring newsletter. We have tried to provide you with more updates and resources, to help move developments on. As you will see there has been some important work going on.

Don’t forget to let us know what is happening in your area by contacting a member of the  team.

Louise and Steve Ryder
Dr Steve Ryder, Cancer Clinical Director, and Louise Walker, Head of Network              
The Clinical Networks have been through a lengthy consultation, which has now drawn to a close. We would like to thank you all for your patience and commitment in continuing to work with us in the uncertain times.

We will continue to work with colleagues across the East Midlands to achieve the best care and support for patients, carers and their families.              
The Clinical Network has a new website address: We hope that it will signpost clearly those that want to know more about our work, with local health communities and our developing partnerships.

Chemotherapy algorithm relocation
Chemotherapy algorithms and regimens which used to be hosted on the East Midlands Cancer Network website have now moved to

Please change your bookmarks, share with colleagues, and use this link in the future.

For any queries, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Specialist Oncology Pharmacist.              
Cancer alliances
The national cancer strategy, Achieving World-Class Cancer Outcomes - A Strategy for England, 2015-2020, outlined plans for the development of cancer alliances. These will be new structures incorporating commissioners, providers and patients brought together to influence the commissioning of high quality, effective and holistic cancer services.

The key functions of a cancer alliance will be to:
  • Plan cancer services for their population
  • Design care pathways, particularly those requiring care delivered across different provider organisations
  • Provide improvement support
  • Undertake outcome measurement (through the Clinical Commissioning Group Assessment Framework and integrated cancer dashboard)
  • Engage with the public on cancer service changes
The Clinical Network is currently working with the national cancer team on the role of a local cancer alliance in delivering the national cancer implementation plan. Following this initial phase, we will be seeking input from local stakeholders to develop a model that will best serve the needs of our regional population. Critical to its success will be an ability to build on existing collaboration and clinical leadership that already exists across the region, as well as alignment with existing and emerging health and care structures to drive local innovation and improvement.

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Launch of a bowel scope information DVD for people with learning disabilities
Bowel cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the UK. Early detection of it is paramount to help save lives.

Bowel scope screening is a one-off test offered to men and women at the age of 55. This is a new type of screening programme that is gradually being rolled out across England, to help save lives.

To have procedures like this patients need the right information to make an informed choice: understanding the procedure, the benefits, and any associated risks. With this in mind, NHS England (Central Midlands) has worked collaboratively with the Leicestershire and Lincolnshire bowel screening programmes, learning disability teams and people with learning disabilities, to develop a bowel scope screening information DVD resource. This will help those with learning disabilities (including their parents and carers) understand bowel scope screening, providing the key messages in an accessible format helping as many people as possible.

The DVD will be launched during bowel cancer awareness month - April 2016 - in Lincoln on 27 April and in Leicester on 29 April. Following both launches the DVD will be made widely available.

For further information on the launch please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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Expert clinical advisory groups (ECAGs)
Supporting care delivery developments takes time , hard work and commitment and our thanks go to the following people who have recently stepped down from their ECAG Chair positions:
  • Acute Oncology Service ECAG – Dr Roshan Agarwal
  • Brain ECAG – Mr Paul Byrne
  • Breast ECAG – Prof. Samreen Ahmed
  • Radiotherapy ECAG – Dr Judy Christian

Recruitment for future replacements is currently underway with expressions of interests being requested. Further meetings will take place in the coming months. 


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Enhanced supportive care makes excellent cancer care possible - Dr Richard Berman
Enhanced supportive care is a new initiative aimed at addressing more fully the needs of cancer patients – in particular, preventing and managing the adverse physical and psychological effects of cancer and its treatment. Dr Richard Berman, National Clinical Lead explains that the programme sets out how the initiative was developed and what it means for patients and professionals alike