Haematological cancers are cancers of the blood and lymphatic system. These include myeloma, lymphomas and acute and chronic leukaemias.

The overall aims of the Haematology ECAG are to provide specialist advice and guidance to the East Midlands Cancer Clinical Network Steering Group, Clinical Commissioning Groups and the Specialist Commissioning Group (SCG) on the standards of service for patients with haematological cancer reflecting current best practice and opportunities for development.

The Haematology ECAG will aim to ensure that patients with haematological cancer receive high quality equitable cancer care throughout the East Midlands Cancer Clinical Network regardless of geography or socio-economic factors and will, wherever possible, endeavour to improve the standard of care provided.

Professor Ciro Rinaldi
Consultant Haematologist
United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Future meeting dates
Friday 19th January 2018

Clinical guidelines (in review)
pdfAcute lymphoblastic leukaemia
pdfAcute myeloid leukaemia
pdfAplastic anaemia in adults
pdfChronic lymphocytic leukaemia
pdfChronic myeloid leukaemia
pdfDiffuse large B cell lymphoma
pdfFollicular NHL
pdfHairy cell leukaemia
pdfManagement of adult myelodysplastic syndrome
pdfMantle cell lymphoma
pdfMarginal zone lymphoma
pdfPrimary cerebral lymphoma
pdfSiHMD diagnostic guidelines
pdfTCell lymphoma