About us

East Midlands Clinical Networks
East Midlands Clinical Networks supports health systems to improve health outcomes of their local communities by connecting commissioners, providers, professionals, patients and the public across a pathway of care to share best practice and innovation, measure and benchmark quality and outcomes, and drive improvement. We focus on cardiovascular disease, cancer, maternity and children, and mental health, dementia and neurological conditions, as well as local priorities - respiratory, end of life, diagnostics and learning disability.

We can help to:

  • Enable clinical and patient engagement: informing commissioning decisions
  • Define and drive quality improvement: operating across complex pathways of care
  • Coordinate and support commissioners and providers: reducing unwarranted variation, improve cohesion and ensure sustainable services within a single pathway of care for staff and patients, both now and in the future

East Midlands Clinical Senate
East Midlands Clinical Senate brings together a range of health and social care professionals, with patients, to provide a source of strategic, independent clinical advice and leadership on how services should be designed to provide the best overall care and outcomes for patients, linking clinical expertise with local

We can support you by:

  • Providing clinical advice, act as an honest broker, and if required, undertake reviews to areas where there may be lack of consensus in the local health system
  • Providing independent clinical advice to commissioners: Focusing on major service change programmes, to inform the NHS England service change assurance process
  • Improving outcomes and value: Working with you to identify aspects of health care where there is potential to improve outcomes and value. Provide proactive advice about the areas for inquiry or collaboration, and the areas for further analysis of current evidence and practice