Welcome to the pages for the East Midlands Clinical Senate

The East Midlands Clinical Senate is one of 12 clinical senates across the country, established to be a source of independent, strategic, clinical advice to commissioners.

Clinical leadership is at the heart of the NHS commissioning system. Working with expert clinical leaders and patients, we provide advice across the healthcare system to improve patient outcomes and population health.

Our offers as a Clinical Senate are to:

  • Provide clinical advice, act as an honest broker and, if required, undertake reviews to areas where there may be a lack of consensus in the local health system.
  • Provide independent clinical advice to commissioners, in respect of major service change programmes, to inform the NHS England service change assurance process.
  • Work with stakeholders to identify aspects of health care where there is potential to improve outcomes and value. Provide proactive advice about the areas for inquiry or collaboration, and the areas for further analysis of current evidence and practice.

Our co-chairs are Nigel Beasley and Dr Neill Hepburn.