East Midlands Clinical Networks and Senate Annual Report 2016/17
We are delighted to be able to share with you our Annual Report detailing the impact that the East Midlands Clinical Networks have had during 2016/17 as a result of continuing to work hard to lead and facilitate improvement in our areas of focus.

We have worked with Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) to deliver a business plan that reflected the full range of national improvement priorities as they relate to the clinical networks’ core mandated areas, and with consideration to where the most value can be added to our core stakeholders – patients and the public, health and care systems, NHS England, NHS Improvement, social care colleagues and the voluntary sector.

This report provides an overview of the achievements and impact of the East Midlands Clinical Networks in 2016/17. You can access the report here.

East Midlands Clinical Networks and Clinical Senate pdfAnnual Report 2015/16 and pdfBusiness Plan 2016/17 published.

The East Midlands is one of 12 regional clinical networks and clinical senates.

East Midlands Clinical Networks
We exist to enable patients, professionals and organisations to work together, across the East Midlands, on large and lasting programmes of quality improvement in four areas of major healthcare challenge. We do this by bringing the right people and expertise together to help drive improvements.

The current national conditions and patient groups we are focusing on are:

We also work on several local priorities, including end of life, respiratory, diagnostics, and learning disability.

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East Midlands Clinical Senate
We are the clinical conscience and guiding intelligence for strategic service change. Combining expert clinical leaders with patient involvement, we provide proactive and reactive advice across the health care system for the benefit of improved patient outcomes and population health.

You can find out more about what we do, our team, our partners, how to contact us and our events.